The Night Moves Podcast/Radio Show


Starting on the night of Thursday, August 10th, from 8:00-10:00 pm Central, I will be co-hosting on the radio show/podcast, “Night Moves,” hosted by my girlfriend and fellow author, Ariana Cherry, on the R.I.F.T Radio Network. This show will center on music, books, and art, and we will be interviewing several in this field. Our first guest will be the multi-talented Howie Bentley, founder and guitarist of the power/prog metal band Cauldron Born, and of the doom metal band Briton Rites, who also happens to be a fantastic author of sword and sorcery and planetary romance tales. These can be found in the three Swords of Steel Anthologies, the first Devil’s Armory Anthology, the first Barbarian Crowns Anthology, and his first novella, Under a Dim Blue Sun.  Our facebook page is found at       Tune in and don’t miss out!!


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