Review of “Darkness Weaves,” Book III in “The Kane Trilogy” by Karl Edward Wagner


The immortal and cursed Kane is hired by an evil sorceress who seeks revenge on a tyrannical Emperor that sentenced her to a cruel and humiliating death. Kane is drawn by her monstrous power and solid alliance and communion with the Elder Gods of primeval Earth. Under the sorceress’ direction, Kane can revive his days as “Red Kane,” the reaver and infamous bloodthirsty pirate, but Kane might be once again biting off more than he can chew with his dangerous allegiances….
Superb! Absolutely superb! “Darkness Weaves” by Karl Edward Wagner is without a doubt the best installment in the Kane Trilogy. Actually it is a prequel to the two that came before, “Bloodstone” and “The Dark Crusade,” and it blows both of them out of the water because it is so damn good!
“Darkness Weaves” is, to me, the darkest, most action-packed installment in the Kane Trilogy. There is plenty of battle scenes, especially naval battles, and more swashbuckling than you can shake a stick at. The main villainess, the sorceress Efrel, is altogether a creepy, diabolical, and tragically mad character. In a way you almost feel for her, but her monstrous acts make you shy away from it. There are awesome Lovecraftian entities in this book, and when they show up, things get quite interesting. Kane is, as always, at his tigerish, bloodthirsty best, and nearly all of the characters in this installment are intriguing and engrossing. Plenty of swords and plenty of sorcery. “The Kane Trilogy” cements Kane as one of the greatest sword and sorcery heroes/antiheroes of all time. If you’re looking for swashbuckling, battle scenes, romance, sorcery, action, adventure, horror, drama, and mystery, you’ll find it all here. A great conclusion, or should I say in actuality, a great beginning to the Kane Trilogy.
I give “Darkness Weaves” by Karl Edward Wagner a 5 out of 5.


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