Review of “Map of Bones” book 2 in the Sigma Force Series by James Rollins


When a mysterious cabal of sinister black-robed men murder a mass of innocents at a cathedral in Germany, stealing the enshrined bones of the Magi that searched for the Christ-child, the military specialists of Sigma Force are called upon again, this time by the Vatican itself. They are tasked with keeping a secret, ancient power of devastating magnitude from falling into the hands of a nefarious age-old order that lusts for nothing less than world-domination……

James Rollins’s second installment in his riveting, action-packed Sigma Force Series weaves the best yarn you will read yet if you are a fan of archaeological thrillers. Part Indiana Jones, part James Bond, the action and intrigue never lets up as the heroes of Sigma Force quest all over the globe in ancient tombs, temples, churches, and catacombs, to find the answer to a lost secret that could spell certain doom for the world if it fell into the wrong hands.
Join Grayson Pierce, the brooding leader of the Sigma Team; Kat, Sigma’s sleek and sexy assassin; Monk, the muscle of the team; and Lieutenant Rachel Verona, who joins the force with her uncle, the Monsignor Verona to stop the diabolical Dragon Court from unlocking the devastating secrets of the universe. You will not be able to put this book down!  James Rollins proves once again why he is the best in the archaeological thriller genre!!  I give “Map of Bones” by James Rollins a 5 0ut of 5.


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