Review of “Only If” by Ariana R. Cherry


Billy knows he didn’t do it. He knows he didn’t kill his beloved Clara. Rotting alone in a jail cell awaiting his doom, the sorrow of his wife’s murder and the rage of his being framed haunts the twisting tunnels of his mind. And his tortured heart constantly beats out one word…VENGEANCE….. He will have it if it’s the last thing he ever does……

Local Central Illinois author/poet Ariana R. Cherry has materialized her darkest, macabre creation yet. Having switched gears and completely come into her own in the world of macabre horror poetry with her collection, “Twisted Paths Poetry,” Cherry has now published the epic poem novella, “Only If.” It is a tragic, haunting, and dark tale about a man that was framed for the murder of his wife, and his mind is slowly going demoniacally insane with the lust for revenge. Atmospheric, brooding, and elegant, this tale is sure to impress and to haunt. It’s Edgar Alan Poe meets Dashiell Hammett; gothic horror meets 40’s noir. You won’t want to stop reading until the last line is read.
I give “Only If” by Ariana R. Cherry a 5 out of 5.
You can find Ariana R. Cherry’s official site at and buy her latest tale of terror at



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