Review of “Doctor Sleep” by Stephen King



Over  30 years have passed since Daniel Torrance witnessed the horrors of the haunted Overlook Hotel and escaped them when that particular portal to hell burned to the ground. Now with his father gone, and his mother having passed on as well, Daniel has an occupation as an orderly in a nursing home; but not just any orderly. He is known as “Doctor Sleep,” and with his still-active supernatural abilities, he now aids the dying residents in passing over peacefully to the other side. It is not long before Danny encounters a young girl, Abra Stone, that shares his psychic powers, only to a much more amped-up level, and he is thrown into another nightmarish scenario as an ancient coven of psychic vampires desire Abra for their next big feast….

I honestly have mixed feelings about this sequel to Stephen King’s “The Shining.” There’s no doubt about it that the characters and story within were solid. It was good to see Danny again and follow his confrontations with his own demons of alcoholism that he inherited from his father. To see his powers evolve was quite interesting. Abra Stone was a powerhouse of a psychic warrior and a very lovable character. And the vampiric True Knot were both disturbing and intriguing.
The thing that disappointed me was the ending. The final battle between Danny, Abra, and the True Knot was being played up in this book as if it was going to be some truly epic, grand scale confrontation, and instead it ended up being a rather deflated scrap that was over in the blink of an eye.
I think it was noble of King to write a sequel to his classic and majestic haunted house tale, “The Shining,” but in my opinion, he could have done a lot better.
I give “Doctor Sleep” by Stephen King a 3.5 out of 5.




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