Review of “The Web of Spider” Book III of “The Spider Trilogy” by W. Michael Gear

web of spider

The rebellion on Sirius has been crushed by the Directorate and their allies, the People of the Spider. However, the megalomaniac Ngen Van Chow is still at large and has declared himself Messiah of the known universe, starting the bloodthirsty religion of Deus and psyching and whipping thousands of followers into a crazed jihad to eliminate the Directorate and replace it with his own mad empire. In addition to inciting this religious fervor and madness, Ngen is searching for lost Brotherhood technology that he can use to create a powerful weapon against the Directorate and those allied with it.
Major Susan Smith-Andojar, recovering from being raped and tortured by Ngen while in the Battle of Sirius, along with Lieutenant Rita Sarsa, Admiral Damen Ree, John Smith Iron Eyes, the People of Spider, and the rest of the Directorate must take up arms once again against the galaxy-spanning threat of Van Chow, while the Ultimate Being known as Spider weaves all things within its web……

This third installment in W. Michael Gear’s epic space opera “The Spider Trilogy,” is undoubtedly my favorite. Things reach a fever pitch in this book as galactic society as people know it begins to collapse and the virulent power of Ngen Van Chow’s insane religion begins to take hold. Interstellar holy war rages. New, interesting characters emerge, and the older ones gain more depth and development.
The nature of God and reality is really explored in this book, why things are the way they are, how the future will be, how we can change our reality, so it is very much a philosophical work as well as science fiction, as the whole trilogy is. This, coupled with action, adventure, romance, intrigue, drama and mystery makes this a satisfying and completing final volume to the “Spider Trilogy,” which I would recommend to anyone that loves epic space opera science-fiction in the manner of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” and Dan Simmons’ “Hyperion.”
I give “The Web of Spider” by W. Michael Gear a 5 out of 5.





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