Still journeying on…..


I’ve come to the realization that I’m a sort of anomaly spiritually. I don’t really fit in anywhere in any organized religions. I am a Christian Universalist that prefers not to take the title of “Christian” because it has been so sullied by fanatics and bigots. Let me start again and reword that; I am a disciple of Christ that believes that God saved everyone from the very beginning through the Messiah and that there is no hell as we understand it, ( a cosmic torture chamber where people are tortured for eternity) but rather the hell that was originally spoken of was a situation of trial, forging, purification, and growth; the burning away of the imperfections and flaws.
I don’t believe that the Bible is the “complete and infallible Word of God,” but that it is one piece in a puzzle of many texts that form what man’s evolving idea of God is. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good truth in the Bible, but there is also alot of murderous, evil, negative, sexist, misogynist, racist, and other ugly teachings in it. This is the human condition, not the nature of our Father in Heaven.
I believe that the Ten Commandments or “Law” was given to Moses not by God, but by the principalities of the darkness of this world because mankind didn’t choose to love and be at peace with one another in the beginning. Research the Apostle Paul’s teaching about the origins and burdens of the Law and how it came from “the administration of angels” if you doubt me. Bottom line is we as the inhabitants of Planet Earth signed on the dotted line of a blood contract with Satan, that we would be under Law and he would be our sadistic master, owning us for all time, until Yahweh sent His Son Yeshua, the Christ, to shed His holy otherworldly blood to free us and make the contract null and void.
Now if you haven’t left this page in a self-righteous rage calling me a blasphemer (just read on and you probably eventually will), I also have come to find that I’ve lived several different incarnations, and not just limited to this planet or this universe. The memories keep getting more intense and real as time goes by. Yes, I believe strongly in reincarnation and it is very real and dear to me.
Now, if you can swallow all of that, add to that the factor that I don’t quite know exactly where I am going in my spiritual walk. At times I feel afraid, confused, or downright terrified, but I know that God is with me and is guiding me on my own journey that I was meant to walk.
Alot of Christians will say that I’ve turned my back on God, that I worship the devil, that I’m hell-bound, that I’m a heathen, or some other judgmental nonsense, but I honestly can say with my whole heart that I am constantly asking God’s guiding hand to be upon me, and keep me from straying, and to show me the truth of things. I have sought God out with my whole heart. So I don’t understand how the path I am going down is so evil in other people’s eyes.
I guess the bottom line is it is my journey, not yours, and you can scream at me that I’m wrong and threaten me with hell and “God’s wrath” until your blue in the faith, but I’m just going to keep putting one foot in front of the other and walking the path that I’ve been given.










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