Review of “The Way of Spider” Book II of “The Spider Trilogy” by W. Michael Gear



The galactic empire known as the Directorate came close to eradicating the planet of Atlantis, and the Romanan people, descendants of the Native Americans and Hispanic peoples, and would have been successful had it not been for the heroic efforts of Colonel Damen Ree and Major Rita Sarsa of the Patrol, and of John Smith Iron Eyes of the Spider Tribe. Now the genetically mutated Directors know that the course of their rule is changing, and that their empire may not last. John Smith Iron Eyes’ brother, Chester Armijo Garcia has been taken in for observation by the Directors to learn just where and how he and the Spider People receive their prophecies and presecience, and just who this Spider-God they worship is, and if the future of the Directorate is threatened.
Meanwhile, a broken-hearted John Smith Iron Eyes and a grieved Rita Sarsa both have to deal with the loss of their lovers Dr. Leeta Dobra and Philip Andojar in the heat of battle.
Planning to severely punish Colonel Damien Ree for his insubordination, the Directorate’s attention is drawn instead to the violent revolt on the planet of Sirius, led by the charismatic revolutionary Ngen Van Chow, whose power and possession of ancient-but-devastating weaponry may indeed pose a threat to the galaxy.
The Santos and Spider peoples may have become united, but old prejudices still run deep, and a young Romanan female on the planet of Atlantis flees from the abuse of her family, inspired to become a warrior within the Patrol…..

This book was an excellent sequel to “The Warriors of Spider.” I’d venture to say it was twice as good in fact. The action really amps up in this one, and we get to see the hell of all-out war and revolution among the planets that the Directorate is oppressing. But not all is black and white. The leader of the rebellion on Sirius, Ngen Van Chow, is a most despicable monster, who is power-hungry and cares only for his own hide.
The original characters are back, minus Leeta Dobra and John Smith Iron Eyes’ brother, Philip ¬†Andojar, who have died in battle. We get to see even more heroic deeds from the calm but valiant John Smith Iron Eyes and the battle hardened, foxy Rita Sarsa. While new characters are introduced such as the brash young warrior-in-training Susan Smith Andojar, and the super-intelligent engineer for the Sirian rebellion, Giorj Hambrei.
We also get to witness the Spider People joining up and going into battle for the Patrol against Sirius, and the many horrors and trials they witness along the way. The search for the arcane technology of the ancient Brotherhood order is also very intriguing. All in all, I enjoyed this book very much. Once again, excellent space opera science fiction.
I give “The Way of Spider” by W. Michael Gear a 5 out of 5.


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