We need a revolution of love

god-love-caribbean-christianity-slogan-33345455     Yesterday, the infamous fundamentalist hate-cult know as the Westboro Baptist Church, known for such despicable acts as protesting the funerals of soldiers, carrying “God Hates Fags” signs,  and spreading absolute derision, judgment and condemnation on the web against anyone that doesn’t follow their twisted religion of bigotry, descended on the small town of Casey, IL, which isn’t too far from where I currently reside.
They came to protest the Baptist, Catholic, and Methodist churches that show love and acceptance to gay, lesbian, and transgender folk instead of shutting them out, tormenting them, and cursing them like they would. From the reports, counter-protesters arrived with signs spreading the true Christian message of love and acceptance, along with openly gay folk to peacefully go against the tide of demonically-twisted Christianity. The funny thing is that the counter-protesters mixed-in among the WBC protesters with their signs and the WBC signs got flooded out by the signs spreading Christ’s original teachings of love, acceptance and tolerance. Consequentially, the WBC hate cult got disgusted that their hatred was being flushed out and left.
This, my friends, is what we need more of in the world. In a society where Christianity has taken the words of the Master Teacher and twisted them to support hatred, bigotry, and prejudice; in a time where transgender people are being discriminated against and threatened with violence just because they want to use the restrooms that they identify with; in a country where a rabidly bigoted presidential candidate and his supporters are calling for the death and shunning of Muslims and Mexicans, it is up to us to turn the tide with love.
Those of us who keep the One Commandment of Love in our heart as Christ gave to us must show the world what the Messiah’s message was all about. It wasn’t about discrimination or moral superiority. It wasn’t about condemning and judging others. It was about love and acceptance of all kindreds, tongues, and religions. We need to take Christianity back to its roots, before it was all corrupted and streamlined by Constantine and the Byzantine Empire. Followers of Christ are called to be humble and peaceful, not loud, overbearing and conquering. We are to let our love of others shine through us and speak for us. The Father loves each and every one of us no matter what, no conditions, no restrictions. It was the Church that invented the dogmatic threat of a place called hell where “sinners” would be tortured forever. In a universe with an infinitely loving God, such a place cannot exist.
We need to let the love of God overflow in us and flow out to others with no conditions or stipulations. Then and only then will this world change and there be peace.


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