Review of “The Warriors of Spider” Book I of “The Spider Trilogy” by W. Michael Gear


In the distant future, mankind has conquered the stars, and formed an interstellar empire known as The Directorate. Led by a clandestine triad of grossly genetically/technologically modified overlords known as the Directors, who are dedicated to logic and absolute iron-fisted control over all of known human-occupied space, this Empire has established peace throughout its borders over the last few hundred years. But all that is about to change.
When the military arm of the Empire, known as the Patrol, discovers life on the planet named Atlantis that are descendants of both the indigenous Native Americans and the Mexican people from Earth,  Leeta Dobra and her team of archaeologists are sent down, along with Lieutenant Rita Sarsa and the Patrol Marines, to discover the secrets of these ancient people….

“The Warriors of Spider” is book one of an epic space opera science fiction trilogy, written by sci-fi and history author W. Michael Gear. In reading this first book in this trilogy, I was pleasantly surprised that it was not at all what I was expecting. This book is sort of a space-western in a way, and revolves around two clans of people on the planet Atlantis; The People of the Spider, and the Santos, both collectively known as the Romanans after the starship that crashed from Earth onto the planet centuries ago. These people are considered primitive and barbarous to the Directorate because of their stone age technology and warfare amongst themselves, and it is proposed that they be assimilated and “acculturated” into the Directorate, much like the acculturation of the Native Americans by the Confederacy in the Old West.
When the Directorate moves to destroy the planet of Atlantis and wipe these people off of the face of the map, because the prescient powers of their “Prophets” are seen as a threat, the two feuding clans must ban together, along with sympathizing forces within the Patrol, to rebel against the Directorate Empire itself.
Lots of action, adventure, magic, romance, drama, and sociological insight are in this science-fiction novel, and it is a quite good example of space opera. It took a little bit, but I really grew attached to some of the characters. I look forward to seeing what the rest of this trilogy has in store.
I give “The Warriors of Spider” by W. Michael Gear a 4 out of 5.


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