What if this world isn’t what it seems to be at all…

alternate reality

Since my spiritual awakening about four years ago, and even somewhat before that, I have been studying and researching theories and evidence that propose that this planet; this reality; this universe is not at all what it seems to be or what we have been taught it is.    There was just an article posted in the New York Daily News about a 1,500 year old Mongolian mummy that was discovered wearing footwear that resembles Adidas sneakers. The link to the story is here. I’ve seen many stories with out-of-place/advanced artifacts mixed with ancient ones. This leads me to wonder if perhaps 1. there was/will be time-travel involved in the course of mankind and the history of our world has been changed, or 2. that sometime far back in antiquity the this planet was as or probably way more technologically advanced than we are now, and there was some great cataclysm or apocalypse that happened, and mankind descended into barbarism and we all had to start again. And maybe that has happened more than once in our past, and perhaps one day it will happen again.
What if we have all been lied to by mainstream history/archaeology/religion and all those institutions about our history and origins and perhaps it is much more stranger and grandiose than we have ever imagined. Maybe the stories about the history of mankind and other things are much closer to what is written about in science-fiction and fantasy tales than all those musty. scholarly-approved textbooks, and those authors of such far-flung stories are actually channeling events/happenings/knowledge from some multiversal/omniscient source of knowledge and just aren’t aware of it at a conscious level.
A few years ago, I was enrolled in college to become an ancient history professor, but when I started learning/researching all these things, I realized the great possibility of the fact that we have been lied to by the powers-that-be, and I decided that I would not be involved in such a crackpot, controlling faux-scholarly system that keeps everyone in the dark and tells straight-up lies.
I don’t know just exactly what lies out there. I do know what I have my faith in Yeshua  the Messiah, and the Paraclete or the  Holy Spirit, and the being we call God or the Father, who I believe is a loving, powerful force that binds and surrounds all things, but I believe that this Holy Trinity have cosmic lordship over more than we could possibly imagine, and they hold the secrets to wonders upon wonders that would explode the mind of any mortal being on Earth, or elsewhere in the universe. Until I completely find the answers for sure, I will not let any religion or institution of mankind dictate to me what to believe as to what is really out there. I want to keep my sense of wonder and adventure alive….


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