Review of “Jesus and the Essenes” by Dolores Cannon


For quite a while now, I’ve been quite interested in past lives and past life regression hypnotherapy. I’ve done a lot of research on folk who practice and are experienced in this field, and one individual I came across was Dolores Cannon. I found her theories on reincarnation and multiversal metaphysics on the whole to be quite intriguing and captivating. I watched several of her videos on youtube, and was instantly hooked, so I decided I wanted to start reading her books, and since I am a Christian I decided to start with the first book in her trilogy about Jesus Christ, “Jesus and the Essenes.”
The information gathered within this particular volume comes from a woman she regressed into the past life of a teacher named Saddi, who belonged to the mysterious sect, the Essenes, of which Jesus allegedly belonged to in his younger years  and learned under. The historical accounts and accuracy of the location of the Essene Community of Qumran, the Coming of the Messiah, the locations in Israel, and other things that this woman under regression from the spirit of Saddi is quite amazing.
It makes sense what Jesus taught about and the miracles He performed when viewed through the lens of Him being with the Mystic Essene order. Indeed, I gobbled this book up within 2-3 days, but three factors that the spirit of Saddi revealed stopped my enjoyment of this book dead in its tracks; Saddi revealed that Christ was not born of a virgin, that He wasn’t the Son of God, and that we are all Children of God and Christ didn’t have any special place as the Son of God, that He wasn’t God in the human flesh, but simply that He was a teacher. Saddi also said that Christ’s resurrection was brought about not by Himself or God the Father, but that His resurrection was brought about by the combined power of Him and the Ascended Masters on the Other Side doing away with His earthly body and having Him come back in Ascended form, and not a form of flesh and blood. It is said that the story of the angel/angels and the stone that was rolled away in the tomb was something the Romans cooked up to cover their butts.
While I certainly believe that there was more to Christ’s life than the Bible teaches, and I believe in the possibility of Him learning and living among the Essenes, and while I believe that we are all Children of God, and even consider the possibility of the existence of the Ascended Masters, I cannot accept that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God, and that He was not born of a virgin, and that He had to be aided in His resurrection by the Ascended Masters. This goes against everything I believe about Christ.
Now, I’m not going to throw the baby out with the bath water and completely stop watching and reading all that Dolores Cannon had discovered before she passed away not long ago, as I believe that there are some solid truths in her teachings, but the conclusion that the book came to about the Messiah completely disappointed and disillusioned me.
Thus because of this, I give “Jesus and the Essenes” by Dolores Cannon a 2 out of 5.


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