Review of “Past Lives: An Investigation Into Reincarnation Memories” by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

Past Lives

Since my recent spiritual awakening about three years ago, I have grown immensely interested in past lives and the memories that come from them. I know I have lived at least five past lives that I can recall, and those are the ones that are set only in this dimension. So, naturally when my girlfriend purchased this book, I was very intrigued to read it.
What the authors do in this book is they present cases of past life memories from all across the board and from all walks of life; memories of everything from being a fighter pilot in World War II to being a witch who was persecuted in the dark ages to serving in the Roman Military.
They go into how reincarnation, though  relatively recently discovered in the West, is certainly not a new phenomenon. Cultures in India and Asia have solidly believed in reincarnation since time out of mind, and they relate how even the early Christians believed in reincarnation, until the Catholic Church stamped it out and threatened anyone with torture or death that perpetuated the belief.
Past Life Regression is talked about a lot in this book, and also the dangers of encountering unpleasant past memories and having a hard time recovering from them if you aren’t in the right hands.
What I like about this book, even though I completely believe in reincarnation without a shadow of a doubt, is that the authors weigh the evidence and the circumstances of past life memories against science and rationality. They don’t try to push it on people that reincarnation definitely exists and everyone must believe in it. They don’t try to convince anyone; they just weigh the evidence, and even when the evidence presented comes out as mind-blowingly true, they still do not say 100% that it exists. It would be beneficial for skeptics to read this book too, I think. Some of the stories are proved as absolutely bogus, while others are difficult to explain away or quite staggering in their evidence as genuine reincarnation memories.
The only complaint I have about this book is the God-awful typo errors that plague it in some areas. You’d think the two authors would have been professional enough to get a good editor or edit it thoroughly themselves.
That being said, I enjoyed reading this book. I give “Past Lives” by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick a 4 out of 5.


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