Speaking from the heart

Wow…what a journey my spiritual life has taken… at this time a few years ago, I never thought I would have reached where I am. Back then I was simply a scared, unsteady initiate who’s spiritual life was going through a monumental quake and didn’t know just what the truth was. I still don’t have the complete picture, but I feel that I’ve drawn a lot nearer to God and have come very far in my journey, leaving so much of my old life behind.
I’ve been doing a lot of praying, researching, thinking, and meditating on just what this reality is and what I am here for, and though I have not completely received the full answer yet, my search has not been in vain. When you ask the Cosmic Father for something, He’s definitely not going to leave you high and dry.
What I have to say in this blog entry may upset some people, but that’s okay. If it upsets you, you’re just not ready to hear and accept such things yet. Give yourself time. I would be immensely arrogant if I said I had the whole truth. No one does.
I have been listening to various spiritual teachers and scholars on youtube and have been taking what they have said that resonates with me, praying about it, and putting the puzzle pieces together slowly. Not because I just pick what I want to hear and just come up with some stubborn view of reality that suits me, but I incorporate what resonates with my heart and what feels to me like divine truth.
Where to begin? Hmm….well for one thing, I’ve always found myself wondering about the Sumerian Tablets. Why do they seem to predate what is in the Bible by thousands of years and have accurate descriptions of what this Earth looks like from space, and various planets and star systems ages before mankind seemingly acquired the technology to find out? For someone that has been raised in the mainstream Judaeo-Christian faith, this is quite a conundrum.

The answer….we have been lied to by the powers that be and the truth has been hidden. I’ve said and suspected this all along, but it has not been made more clear to me then now. The Bible is only an excerpt of a vast library of truths that have been cut out by the meddling and controlling forces of mankind. We are not alone in this universe. The Almighty has created life that has developed civilizations on so many worlds. One of these particular offworld races is the Anunaki that hail from the planet Nibiru, the supposed tenth planet of our solar system.
Have you ever wondered what angels really are? Why they are always depicted with wings and such? This is not how or what they really are but the wings are representation of technology to travel and fly in their spacecraft and ships. These are what angels are; beings from other worlds more technologically advanced and spiritually advanced than us Earthbound humans. Ancient man did not understand the advanced beings when they came to this planet and their impressive technology, and so, the closest they could come to depicting them in their art was as winged men or bird-men. There have been beings that have taken advantage of us since we have been so technologically underdeveloped compared to them. One of these was as I said, the Anunaki. Their planet was dying and needed gold to save their atmosphere, and they needed slaves to mine this gold for them.                                                                                 Look in the Bible and you will find actually TWO creation accounts. One is from the one TRUE God, and the other is from a being that wanted to be like God or assume the title of God. This other being is known in the clay tablets as Enlil, the jealous, power-mongering brother of Enki from Nibiru. He is also the one known as Satan. Enki took what the Father had made, and used the technology to re-engineer the creation of mankind so that we could be slaves mine gold for him and his cohorts. They completely took over the dominion of Earth and set up an empire here that continues to this day. It was they that were referred to as the Nephilim  and they joined in union with the Earth women and created the beings known as giants with their seed, among several other genetic abominations. It was them that put mankind under Law. We signed upon the dotted line with them when Eve took the apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. And the one who came to set us free from that law and pay the price of death that these tyrants demanded was none other that Yeshua, Jesus Christ, the Messiah. There is so much I could go into about this, but this blog would go on and on if I did. It is something you will have to research for yourself and what you will find will truly blow your mind. I suggest you start with the videos of David Vose on youtube. Though I do not agree with everything he says, he does seem to have discovered a lot of truth. And so much of that truth that has been lost by the meddling of man is now being returned to us with the discovery of the Gnostic Gospels and the Nag-Hammadi library.
I have also really awakened to the reality of reincarnation and have realized that I have not only had past lives in upon this planet, but upon other planets and even in other dimensions.  We think of time as linear, but it really isn’t; it’s simultaneous. The human race has bound themselves up with the illusion of time, but the truth , everything; every age, every millennia, is existing right now, and there is only the now.
I have also discovered the reality and weight of karma and realized that I have been carrying with me a lot of hatred, anger, and grudges that I do not need. The Earth is moving into a new dimension, and man does not need all those negative forces holding him down. He needs love and kindness and the fruits of the spirit to carry him into the New Earth. And so, I’ve decided to let all that hatred and negativity go. No teaching has inspired me to do this more than the teachings of what I found from Dolores Cannon, who has passed away now. I think humanity would gain a lot of good from studying her teachings and what she has found. I believe God used her teaching to finally set me free from all this bad karma and negativity in my life. We have to learn to let go, folks. We have to learn to forgive and simply love each other as the Creator loves us.
Such a profound treasury of truths have I found, and I know I will only discover more that will liberate me and enlighten me. This journey has been just completely unbelievable and awesome and liberating. heart_chakra-MindfulHappiness-Anthony-Quintliani


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