I lay back
Strapped into my servo-chair
And feel the night breeze
Stir my hair
As I hear the hovercars
Soar through the air
Past my tower windows

Another adventure
Is awaiting me this night
As I see the glow
From my chair’s console lights
As the vertical metropolis
Is a majestic sight
Out my tower windows

Over my face
Closes the virtuo-mask
That projects to me
The worlds of which I ask
As in the moonlight
I do bask
From outside my tower windows

I feel a sharp pinch
As the needles pierce my skin
Injecting the fluid
That will fully put me in
As I travel beyond the stars
Yet remain closed in
Surrounded by my tower windows

My experiments
Have come to fruit
And great success
Has taken root
As I lay
In my explorer suit
Facing my main tower window

I have discovered how
To traverse time and space
Traveling beyond
Like I’m leaving no trace
Yet my body lies here
In perfect place
By my tower windows

How to traverse dimensions
I have learned
And on a night like this
I yearn
To explore the multiverse
And to other spheres I will turn
Way beyond my tower windows

For a version of all souls
Exists in all existing space and time
All at once, yet separately
Bound together in rhyme
And somewhere I hear
Cathedral bells chime
Outside my tower windows

I have been a soldier
In the galaxy-spanning Raxxis Empire
I have been a knight
With adventurous desire
And I have been a primitive
Dancing around a fire
All within my tower windows

I have been a king
Of a mighty kingdom thriving
In the awe-inspiring Seas of Viogon
I have gone diving
And I have been
An off-world thief conniving
Without leaving my tower windows

There are multiple universes
I exist in each one
I do not possess
This body alone
But have infinite equivalents
Into each one I run
All in this machine
Within the confines of my tower windows

And now I will journey
Once again
Both without
And within
And find another adventure
Of which to pen
At my desk by my tower window


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