Review of “The Eyes of God,” Book I of “The Bronze Knight Trilogy” by John Marco


The King of Liiria, Akeela the Good, as he is known, has just reached a peace accord with the neighboring kingdom of Reec, of which Liiria has long been at war with. To consummate the peace agreement, the King of Reec gives Akeela his daughter, the beautiful Princess Cassandra, to take as his wife and queen.
When Akeela’s head knight and adopted brother, the famous and infamous Lukien, Captain of the Royal Charges lays eyes upon the Princess Cassandra, it is love at first sight for him as well, and she feels the same. Cassandra feels no romantic affection towards King Akeela, despite being married to him, and so she and Lukien enter into an illicit affair behind the king’s back, all the while Akeela  completely trusting of the both of them.
Tragedy soon strikes when Cassandra is diagnosed with a deadly stomach cancer, and the only cure for her is found to be the magical and fabled artifacts known as the  Eyes of God. And so the king sends his champion Lukien to find these sacred objects to save his queen’s life.
But other strange powers are also at work, powers that may originate from a place that is rumored to be filled with monsters and forces of darkness. Not is all what it seems, and many surprises are in store……

When I first read John Marco’s work, it was his “Tyrants and Kings Trilogy” which I found to be quite good and original. I would highly recommend it. I have also had the pleasure of talking to this great fantasy author online and becoming friends with him on facebook. He is really a great, kind, down-to-earth kind of guy.
The beginning of this fantasy trilogy by him is also quite original and very riveting. I can’t give away alot about it because I will spoil the whole story and its powerful message. But the characters, battle scenes, romance, tragedy, action, and adventure therein are quite impressive. I have never quite read a fantasy like it before, with the particular angle that it takes. One falls in love with the heroes and absolutely despises the villains. The story really makes you think and tugs at your heartstrings. And you can certainly tell through what happens in the story that John Marco has a kind and noble heart. I can’t say anymore here, or I will spoil the whole thing.
I give “The Eyes of God” by John Marco a 4 out of 5


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