Tyrant of the Mind

On the throne of my mind
There sits a cruel despot
A tyrant in blackest form
Who constantly berates, abuses
And crushes me
And makes me feel as a worm

Nothing I do
Can please him
Nothing I do can appease
He gives me no rest
Or no mercy
Despite my constant pleas

For him
I am never good enough
To him, I am lower than low
He has proved to me
To be
A most insidious foe

He drives me like
A badly-beaten steed
My accomplishments mean naught
He always wants more
And any mistakes I’ve made
He hasn’t forgot

No, in fact he throws them
In my face
Defining me by the wrongs I’ve done
No forgiveness
And no rest
He will not leave me alone

He rules my mind
With an iron fist
And always tears me down
He insists
That he will be
The one to wear the crown

“I am God!” he laughs
“Bow to me!!
“You are nothing but my slave!”
But all the power
That he has
Is only power that I gave

I and I alone
Can take it back
Reclaim my mind as my own
Break the tyrant’s
Crown of black iron
And reclaim my throne

I am who I am
I rule me
And no one else ever can
I am the lord
Of my destiny
I am my own man

I am the sovereign
Of my own mind
Not this hell-spawned cur
Who is made up of voices
From the past
Filled with poisoned words

My mind is my own
I reign supreme
No one can take that from me
I refuse to let
A demon born out of the past
Keep me in miseryThe_balrogs_of_morgoth_by_thylacinee-d5pl60x


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