My weigh-in on the Cern/Hadron Collider issue


It’s an understatement that my interest was sparked once I read that the scientists at the Cern Hadron Collider say that they were going to use it to possibly make discover and make contact with other dimensions. I am a strong believer that we live not only in a universe that is teeming with life and civilizations, but that our universe is not the only one, but part of a multiverse. And I’ve always been enormously intrigued by the mystery of just what is out there.
I also realize that something like this could be very dangerous if we don’t know what we’re doing; we could open up a gateway to some very powerful and evil entities to come through, like something out of an H.P. Lovecraft story. So I started researching the implications of this on youtube, and I came across many videos that were put out by the people that seem to be the bane of my existence; fundamentalist Christians. I’ve had to deal with these narrow-minded, hateful twits all my life, and it hasn’t been a pleasant experience. These narrow-minded leeches give the true meaning of Christianity a black eye, and it angers me to no end.
Morbidly curious, I thought that I would watch some of these videos to at least see what ridiculousness they had to spout, and as usual, it was just what I thought it was going to be; that the scientists at Cern are going to make contact with demonic entities, that there is nothing else out there in the other dimensions but demonic entities, and that they will usher in the Satanic Empire of the Antichrist through a great deception, pretending they are good. These same Bible-thumpers say that no life exists on other planets and aliens are actually demons in disguise and that they will bring about this “Great Deception” too.
For people that are called by the Messiah to spread light into this world, the message of these individuals is very negative. Just how do they think they know the mysteries of the universe/multiverse, and why do they seem obsessed with the fact the everything out there that is alien to us is evil? It’s a truly poisonous way of thinking. I believe the problem is that they are afraid. They are afraid that if something else was discovered out there, be it interplanetary or inter-dimensional, it would take God out of the small man-made box that they have confined Him to.
The way I see it, my God is a God of multi-dimensional creations, and wants us all to live together in harmony and love, and to discover each other, so we can marvel at His mind-blowing creation. I truly believe that life is not only limited to this dimension or this planet, but swarms in regions beyond. It is religion that is trying to crush this, and we mustn’t let it. We mustn’t let the toxic teachings of dark age-minded fear-mongers scare us away from journeying on to see just what is out there. God wouldn’t want that. At least, not the God that I worship and love.


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