Review of “Dream Catcher,” Book Three of “The Jonah Hook Trilogy” by Terry C. Johnston


Jonah Hook, the man on a vengeful mission to take back the family that was stolen from him by the fanatical and sadistic Mormon Danite leader, Colonel Jubilee Usher, has found his two boys, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah, who were taken by the Comanche Indian tribe and raised as one of their own. Sadly, only one of them can accompany them home; Jeremiah, as Ezekiel was killed in battle, mistaking his father as an enemy, and attacking him, and getting cut down in return. With Ezekiel now laid to rest in his own grave at Jonah’s old homestead, Jeremiah and his father, along with their Shoshone companion Two-Sleep, move forward to carry out the last leg of the quest that Jonah originally set out upon; to save Jonah’s wife and Jeremiah’s mother, Gritta Hook from the black clutches of Jubilee Usher.
Meanwhile, Usher himself prepares to gather a large army of Indians to his side to launch war on the Mormon Prophet Brigham Young and his flock, that he splintered from,  and ascend to the Prophet’s throne himself…..

This is the last, and in my opinion, the best volume in Terry C. Johnston’s “Jonah Hook Trilogy.” The action and adventure in this final episode doesn’t let up, if anything, it gets more prominent and riveting. The reader really feels and roots for Jonah and his compatriots as they enter the last phase of the journey to rescue Gritta.
Usher is even more black, evil, and despicable a villain in this final chapter as he and his men shamelessly kill, torture and rape in the name of God. Usher is revealed as such an abominable sadist that it makes the reader want him dead in the slowest, most excruciating manner possible.
As in the previous two volumes, more about the characters of Jonah, Gritta, and Jeremiah are revealed, and it makes the reader love them and feel for them even more. I must admit, I loved the characters so much (the good guys that is) that I didn’t want the story to end, and it was bittersweet when it did. I’m relatively new to westerns, and this has got to be by far the greatest western I have read so far. Although unfortunately, I must dock it a point because of the several brutal and in-your-face rape scenes.
I give “Dream Catcher” by Terry C. Johnston a 4 out of 5.


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